Értékesítés: Zsibrita Pál - 0036(30)9834-114 - - 5650. Mezőberény, Kereki u. 39.

Értékesítés: Zsibrita Pál - 0036(30)9834-114 - - 5650. Mezőberény, Kereki u. 39.

Acacia Honey

1kg 3500HUF
500g 1800 HUF
250g 1000 HUF
45g 400 HUF


Flower Honey

1kg 2200 HUF
500g 1200 HUF
250g 800 HUF

Lime Honey

1kg 2900 HUF
500g 1600 HUF
250g 900 HUF
45g 450 HUF

Silkgras Honey

1kg 2900 HUF
500g 1600 HUF
250g 900 HUF
45g 450 HUF

Sunflower Honey

1kg 2400 HUF
500g 1300 HUF
45g 450 HUF

Rape Honey

1kg 2400 HUF
500g 1300 HUF
250g 800 HUF
45g 450 HUF

Chestnut Honey

1kg 3900 HUF
500g 2000 HUF
250g 1200 HUF
45g 450 HUF

Forest Honey

1kg 2700 HUF
500g 1500 HUF
250g 900 HUF
45g 450 HUF


Wabenhonig 350g 2200 HUF

Acacia Honey “Hungarikum”

250g 1800 HUF

Hagyományok-Ízek-Régiók (HÍR) Védjegyes mézek fadobozban

2200 HUF

Acacia Honey with Herbal

Lavender  250g 1500 HUF
Buckthorn  250g 1500 HUF
Elder  250g 1500 HUF
Rosehips  250g 1500 HUF
Mint  250g 1500 HUF

Honey Treats

Honey Cream with Propolis  250g 1500 HUF
Exotic mix  250g 1500 HUF
Dried Fruit  250g 1500 HUF
Honey-walnuts  250g 1500 HUF
Honey-Cranberry  250g 1500 HUF

Acacia Honey

Acacia honey is a popular honey variety all over the world. Over the past decades, Hungarian acacia honey has become a well – established , trusted brand name accepted as the mark of outstanding quality and value.

In ist place of origin, North America, Acacia (robinia pseudoacacia L.) grows sparsely on slopes covered with boulder stones, suppressed by other plants. In Hu ngary, however, there are large, pureAcacia forest.Acacia makes up more than onefi fth of all forests in Hungary.

In addition to the very favourable climate, the continuous Acacia forests, a very productive bee variety, a special apiarian technology and some other beneficial effects of the non-living environment create those distinctive features that ensures the quality of Hungarian Acacia Honey.Its uniqueness can be truly revealed only by evidence of the senses.It has harmonic taste and the aroma of acacia blossoms. It is a mild, not very acidic honey.Its colour ranges from nearly colourless to very light amber. Due to its high fructose content , it remains liquid for a long time.It has a good antiseptic effect and it is recommended to ease coughing. Its mild flavour makes it a popular sweetener used in tee, coffe and desserts.

Lime Honey

It is prone to crystallisation, its colour has a brownish tint. It has a robust fragrance and flavour. Its pleasant, piquant aroma makes food and drinks spicy.In medicine, lime honey is particularly recommended to treat bronchitis, but it is also used to alleviate spasms and a feverish condition.Recently, its has been increasingly used in organic beauty treatments.

Silkweed Honey

Silkweed honey, which comes from the nectar of Asclepias syriaca, has a very strong, sweet and spicy smell and a distinctive aromatic flavour.Silkweed honey is an excellent condiment for uncooked foods. It blends weel with other honey varietals, such as Acacia Honey, which has a similar colour and liquidity. It has a good antiseptic effect.As the largest continuous silkweed fields in Europe can be found in Hungary, Silkweed honey is a recognised Hungarian speciality.

Sunflower Honey

Sunflower honey ranges from golden to orange in colour. Its semi-strong smell is reminiscent of the sunflower blossom. Its flavour has the aroma of sunflower seed. When fresh, it is thick but liquid like syrup. It crystallises relatively quickly (approxymately within two months). Sunflower honey separates into two components when it is stored for an extended period: on tpo , a liquid oily substance, whilst on the bottom, a creamy-coloured crystallised layer appears. Creamy sunflower honey is a true delicacy when eaten in its nature state. It is also excellent for baking (e.g. honey cakes).

Rape Honey

When liquid, rape honey is amber, but it will crystallise within a short time and become white. Crystallised rape honey is made up tiny crystals which do not affect its value. Rape honey belong to the less acidic honey varietals, therefore it is also recommended for those with hyperacidity.

Chestnut honey

In Hungary there are major quantity sweet chestnut forests, especially in the south part of the Zala hills, or Dunakanyar. In these places are collectible the chestnut honey, which has a special aroma and dark brown color. It is really rare but according to the expert honey consumers it is extra-fine top quality honey. Some say that the chestnut honey has a good influence to the vascular system and can cure phlebitis, thrombosis.




Forest honey  (honeydew)

This dark coloured honey, requires the constant attendance of transmissional insects. This kind of honey an outstandingly high amount of mineral, and his special aroma is unique compared to the other honey types. It is well known for its airway cleaning and anti-depressant effects.