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About us

Zsibrita Pál

We founded our beekeeping in 1973, nowadays we have 100 bee colonies helping us to create our own honey.
The honey, as a natural sweetener, is an everyday guest at our table. We like it very much, since it is natures’ gift. There is nothing to add or take away form, it is perfect the way it is. Honey is not only organic, but also a very healthy supplement for every day’s dining.
Our bee colonies always placed next to different sort of flora, so that our honey selection is widening. We are ambitious to offer increasingly more type of honey, and honey related products.
I recommend to your attention our honeys with all my love, which are the results of thousands of hardworking honey bees’ diligent work. It shall not be missing from Your table either!


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The honey

The ancient Greeks belived that honey originated from celestial dew. Today it is wel-know that honey is made from floral nectar by honey bees which collect, transform and thicken the nectar.
The properties of honey are essentially determined by the plant producing the nectar.Pure varietals can only come from plants which bllom in large quantities at the same time and at the same place.
Honey bees collect the sweet nectar in their „honeybag” and return to the beehive when it is full.The youn workers inside the beehive collect and move the nectar from beewax comb a few times.The enzymes produced in this process transform the complex sugar into simple fructose and glucose, which can be best utilised by the human body. In the meantime, the bees flutter their wings to reduce the water content of the nectar to 18-19%.Cells which have been filled are then sealed using wax.When most cells of the wax comb have ben filled, the beekeeper can harvest the honey.
Honey is much more than just sweet stuff! Its benefits in the preservation and improvement of health – also used in apitherapy – are based on its physical and chemical properties.Honey has various nutritional benefits and privides the human body with a range of ecessary substances.With its diverse mineral content, honey can help establish a desirable balance of these minerals in the human body by providing the missing quantities.